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Fertilizer Tank

22,500 Litre Fertiliser Tank

22,500 Litre fertiliser Tank

The new and improved fertiliser storage solution manufactured by a market leader for commercial and agricultural use. With a solid heavy duty construction to suit liquids with a gravity of up to 1.5SG. Designed specifically to the highest standard to ensure longevity and a trusted solution for your fertiliser.

  • Minimise wastage
  • 100% Food Grade Polyethylene
  • 2” Camlock Outlet
  • 2” Camlock Top Fill
  • 3700mm Diameter x 2500mm Height

370 Litre Stock Trough

Our stock trough boasts 370 Litres worth of benefits to the land owner and livestock. With a solid polyethylene construction and ease of maintenance, it’s built to accommodate Australian conditions.

  • Portable & Durable
  • Sweep through design
  • 75mm Brass Bung
  • Protected float valve compartment
  • 25mm float valve
  • 4 fixing points
  • 3500mm x 570mm x 500mm
  • Sweep broom available

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