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A diversified and innovative plastic injection and rotational molding enterprise.

The Maxiplas Story

Maxiplas Pty Ltd (“Maxiplas”) was established in 2004 and is now a diversified and innovative plastic injection and rotational molding enterprise.

2004 to 2008:

Establish an injection molding business Maxiplas predominantly was molding for the waste bin market and averaged 400,000 bins per year, over a four-year period and was the second largest producer of bins in Australia. In 2008, the injection business was purchased by Maxiplas main customer.

2007 to present:

Established a Rotational molding business after a great amount of research Maxiplas embarked on the design development and implementation of its own range of water tanks and water harvesting products. Maxiplas is now the market leader in this area and has diversed into other rotational molded products to underpin its continued growth. Some of the products that we also manufacture are outdoor furniture, Kayaks, Boom sprayers for the farming sector and all the plastics requirements for the new defense Hawkie.

2010 to present:

Re-entered injection molding through its own continued product development and encouragement from its customers and government support to reenter the market. Maxiplas was able to secure key contracts in the Automotive, water, waste and logistics industries. This has gone hand in hand with its own proprietary products to make a secure and diverse blend of products over several key industry groups.

The company’s key strengths are its sales focus, ability to recognize vertical integration, engineering expertise, and capability to design develop and launch new products successfully into the market place. From concept to completion whether it’s a Customer’s product or a Maxiplas product we are positioned to deliver the best in the industry.
From its inception, the mission of Maxiplas is incorporated by the following elements:

  • To produce large plastic components for the Australian and export markets
  • To develop a diversified product range through innovation and strategic partnerships
  • To utilize high speed, automated, energy efficient technology
  • To research and implement world’s best production practices
  • To implement cost effective processes with continuous improvement
  • This mission has been pursued through the businesses investment in R&D in robotics, systems and automation with world best practice lean manufacturing concepts.
  • It has also been pursued through a commitment to quality, prudential management and environmental responsibility.


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