About Us

A diversified and innovative plastic injection and rotational molding legacy.

The Maxiplas Story

Maxiplas Pty Ltd (“Maxiplas”) was established in 2004 and is now part of a diversified and innovative plastic recycling and rotational moulding enterprise.

2004 to 2008:

Established as an injection moulding business Maxiplas predominantly was moulding for the waste bin market. It averaged 400,000 bins per year, over a four-year period and was the second largest producer of bins in Australia. In 2008, the injection business was purchased by Maxiplas’ main customer.

2008 to 2010:

After a great amount of research Maxiplas embarked on the design development and implementation of its own range of water tanks and water harvesting products. Maxiplas was the market leader in this area and diversed into other rotational molded products to underpin its growth. Some of the products that were manufactured in this period included outdoor furniture, Kayaks, Boom sprayers for the farming sector and all the plastics requirements for the Australian Defense Force Hawkei mobility vehicle.

2010 to November 2023:

Maxiplas re-entered injection molding market as a result its own continued product development, encouragement from its customers and government support. Maxiplas was able to secure key contracts in the automotive, water, waste and logistics industries. This went hand in hand with its own proprietary products to make a diverse blend of products over several key industry groups.

November 2023 to Present:

Maxiplas’ roto moulding manufacturing assets relating to Maxiplas’ rain water tanks were purchased by APR Manufacturing Group, a South Australian owned family business specialising in the design and manufacture of recycled composite and roto moulded plastic products. These manufacturing assets were moved to the new owner’s plant in Edinburgh, South Australia and reestablished to continue the supply of one of Australia’s favourite rain water tanks.