Requirements for Delivery

Requirements for the Delivery & Installation of your Maxiplas Rain Water Tank
Essential Site Preparation
Note: Incorrect site preparation or installation may void your warranty.

Please follow this brief guide for the correct base preparation to ensure a correct foundation is laid for your Maxiplas Rain Water Tank. Any damage caused due to failure or movement of the tank base is not covered by the warranty. Please consider that 1000L of water weighs 1000kg, keeping in mind that your Rain Water Tank can weigh up to 400kg and this is a significant force. Incorrectly prepared foundations may subside under the weight of a full tank. This base preparation guide should be taken as a guide only. Maxiplas accept no responsibility for the failure of a tank base.

A concrete slab is the most suitable base for your Maxiplas Rain Water Tank.

Construction of a concrete base needs a minimum of 100mm thick concrete, on a flat level area.
If the tank is to be positioned in an area that is on a slope then the thickness of the slab is to be increased to be a higher grade.
The slab must be flat, smooth and level.
Slabs must be large enough to support all edges of the tank, and should be at least 100mm longer and wider than the tank.


Crusher dust bases are only suitable for larger diameter round tanks.
The crusher dust must have no particles larger than 5mm diameter.
The crusher dust is to be 100mm thick.
It must be compacted, level and flat.
A border must be placed around the crusher dust to ensure it is not undermined by heavy rain.
The base should be large enough to support all edges of the tank.
Tank may be filled straight away.
Sand is not acceptable.
Note: Care must be taken when positioning the tank on a crusher dust base. This will ensure it does not dig in and create an uneven surface.

Upon ordering a large Maxiplas Rain Water Tank, 10,000 Litres and above, please complete the following check list.

Site access must be free of overhead obstructions (tree branches or powerlines)
Sufficient turning area and parking for truck and trailer.
Surfaces to be flat, firm and dry.
Please advise Maxiplas of any unsafe work conditions.
Note: Weather conditions, such as high winds and precipitation may delay delivery.

Providing site conditions are safe, our driver will assist with the positioning and site fit-out of your tank. You will need to instruct the delivery driver where to position the outlets and overflow. Fittings can be positioned on your tank to suit your exact requirements.

It’s essential that a sufficient number of adult able bodied person(s) are available to assist the Maxiplas driver with delivery of your Maxiplas Rain Water Tank. This will ensure there are no breaches of occupational health and safety.

Slimline tanks – 1,000L – minimum of ONE able bodied person who is able to assist.
Slimline tanks – 2,300L – minimum of TWO able bodied person who is able to assist.
Slimline tanks – 3,000L – minimum of THREE able bodied persons who are able to assist.
Slimline tanks – 5,000L – minimum of FOUR able bodied persons who are able to assist.

Round tanks – 10,000L and below – minimum of TWO able bodied person who is able to assist.
Round tank – 22,500L – minimum of THREE able bodied persons who are able to assist.
Note: This is excluding the Maxiplas Driver. Please be advised that insufficient assistance onsite may delay the delivery.

*If the driver deems it too unsafe to proceed with a delivery due to inadequate support or unsuitable/unsafe terrain, the customer will be required to reschedule a time for a delivery and to pay a $100 re-delivery fee.